Treatments I Offer:


Back, neck and spinal injuries

A detailed and accurate assessment is essential in order to reach the correct diagnosis and initiate the treatment most likely to produce steady and durable improvements

Acute and chronic upper and lower limb conditions


This covers a wide range of pathologies, and physiotherapy treatment would be adapted depending on the patients individual needs.

Sports injuries


I recognise that the sooner I am able to start treatment, the quicker the recovery. I am good at motivating people and progressing exercise regimes at a pace that is tailored to the individual's needs.

Age-related, degenerative and postural conditions


This group of conditions requires a long-term outlook, as well as excellent communication between all the healthcare Professionals. Liaising, co-ordinating and encouraging a team approach are some of my skills.

Pre-operative, post surgical and fracture rehabilitation


In these situations, I understand that appropriate goal-setting is of paramount importance. I am an expert at helping patients prior to an elective procedure, to reduce pain, increase strength and maximise the benefits of surgery. I have a great deal of experience in treating post-operative patients, including those who are still in plaster or who have an external fixators applied.

Work related conditions


I am able to navigate these complex issues with sensitivity and often find creative solutions to enable people to continue to play a full role at work.

        Home Visits:


Schedule a consultation in your own home or office environment. Initial consulation 1 hour. Subsequent visits 45 minutes.